Monday, January 09, 2006

IFIHADAHIFI, 1.6.2006 at Cactus Club Milwaukee

Happy Monday everybody (anyone?). I just wanted to drop a mention of a great band I saw (for the second time) last Friday at Cactus Club. They're called IFIHADAHIFI and are a great noise rock band from the Milwaukee area (although originally from Green Bay I think). I saw them back in ought-two opening for the Poster Children and they blew me away then. They are a fantastic live show, very energetic. Catch them if you can (the ladies might want to bring some earplugs). The opening band Bang Bang (from Chicago) was also worth checking out.

I'm also looking forward to the Life & Times show on Jan, 27. Life & Times is the current project of the former Shiner frontman Alan Epley. Here is a Pitchfork review of their latest called Suburban Hymns which I (unfortunately) have yet to hear. I guess I pick it up at the show.

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