Thursday, January 26, 2006

XBox Media Center or MythTV HTPC???

So I've decided that I need a media center. I don't know how much use I would get out of it but as an engineer I need to build one. There are so many cool software packages to choose from (excluding Windows Media Center). Currently I'm torn between using a modified XBox to run XBox Media Center and a self-built Linux box running MythTV. For price reasons I will probably go with the XBox/XBox Media Center option. Of course, I could always install MythTV on an XBox running Linux. If anyone is actually reading this I would appreciate input. over and out...


techfreak said...

I currently use XBMC and love it for my viedo & audio playback. What can I say ... it rocks! I have two WRT54G's with DD-WRT firmware setup in a WDS Bridge so no wires between the Xbox and my other PC's on the network. I can steam video and audio from the smb's share, download the latest & greatest shows via Bit Torrent. Now if the Xbox could only capture then I would be set.

JiM said...

Yeah, the inability to capture video is starting to push me away from the XBox solution. I'm starting to look at some Mac Mini solutions too...

Administrator said...

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